Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Bowl Cake!

I've been making super bowl cakes for a long time, I don't know how many years, maybe 10 and that includes missing a year or two.  It started when I saw this cake in a magazine  

and was like, I can totally do better than that and trust me. Mine was way cooler.  I even had a peanut m&m football.  And it was completely obvious from my cake I know nothing about football as I had like 5 different plays going at once.  Other cakes have included a half time show featuring quarter machine aliens playing instruments.  They usually have team logos on them, but not always because some teams have sucky logos *cough*Patriots*cough* and have gone to the super bowl a bunch of times and did I mention their logos suck?  anyway this year the logos aren't too bad.  Here are some pictures of the cake in the making and I will update it after Sunday when we eat it.
My sister sent me a cool cake link on Pinterest and I used it to make the cake.

Here are the pictures 
Batter in the pan.  I felt VERY Dr. Suess

After it had been baked 

Pretty colors inside!
                      Not sure why so many holes though...                      

Frosted cake with stencil I printed and cut out and frosting.
It's two layers, fyi.

Stencil on the cake, smeared with frosting.  It's much more
complicated than it looks.  You have to make sure the paper
doesn't move and get frosting in the wrong places.

Stencil has been removed.
The gaps had to be filled in by hand. I used a shish kabob skewer...

Finished cake.  I had to put in the sprinkles one at a time as
I was too lazy to make another stencil.
Also I was concerned it would mess up the blue frosting.

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