Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pinata cake.

OK, I stole this idea from Pinterest.  I didn't make it like they said the first time.  I made a cake in a batter bowl and just cut off the top and hollowed it out and filled it with candy!!!!
I didn't take a pic before we cut it. 

Look at that cake throwing up all that yummy candy!
I used red "spray paint" to decorate it.

 It worked well, so I decided to do it again, but the way they said.  It didn't work so well.  Here are the disastrous pics!  I was making it for my niece's birthday and had told people I would bring the cake.  Since it was the first time I was bringing cake for a family party for my husband's family I couldn't just be like never mind and not bring anything, so I had to make it work!

Bottom, funfetti cake mix ready to go!
All together, looks great!
Well for a few minutes then it was lots of panic and trying to stop it from breaking. 

Broken bottom piece with candy removed.
Ok fine, we'll try the homemade chocolate cake as the bottom half...
Switched sides and frosting glued the funfetti bowl back together.

Back together, but not for long.  Chocolate bowl also broke...
Cake bowls glued back together with frosting,
filled with candy, then placed upside down on plates.
If you didn't know better you'd think they were meant to look like this...
My niece was turning 20.

And since having cake fall apart on me a million times wasn't fun enough I decided to try to make cake pops.  I swear it was completely random if they worked or not.  I tried freezing some to keep them from falling apart, but it then the almond bark hardened quicker and looked icky.  Oh well.  Some looked pretty. 
First successful one.
All the ones that didn't look really bad.

People took pics of the cake when it was cut, 
but I was pretty much over it by that point so I didn't...  

What we took to the party.
P.S.  All the crappy pictures is a plot to try to convince my brother to move back to WA from crappy icky southern ID so he can take better pics for me.  J/K.  Though it would be cool if he moved back and southern ID does suck!

FYI- the idea was to make swirly frosting,
 it all turned one weird color.
It was a good idea...
I'd love to figure out how to make it work on cake!

Summer Food Fun!

Here are a few pics of other fun food projects I've done this summer.  

I made peanut butter cup ice cream.  I had a recipe for peanut butter ice cream and I added in some cut up mini reeses cups.

In the ice cream machine.

Finished Ice cream.

I made some caramel and some of it I just left as caramel, some I coated in chocolate, and some I poured on cashews and then covered them in chocolate.

Melting chocolate.

Caramel being cooked.

Someday I'll take clear pictures.


I saw a pic of octopus pizza on Pinterest.  I decided to copy it, well sort of. Mine was all pizza, not the bread sticks and dipping sauce idea the original post had been for.  but mine was cooler because it was a scary octopus with teeth on it's tentacles!  Do you see that fish about to get eaten????

Scary Sea Monster Pizza!

And finally I got strawberries and rhubarb from gleaners and a pie crust.  So I made a pie.  Then I had more strawberry and rhubarb, but no more crust and I don't make pie crust very well!  I did however have some phyllo dough in the freezer, so I made phyllo cups using a pie pan and cooked the pie filling in a pan in the oven, then I put it into the phyllo before it cooled.

Before big pie was baked.

Tiny pies.

Close up view of tiny cutie pies!

 The End!

Confetti Jello from March

Years ago I found an ice cube tray (well at least I think it's an ice cube tray) that makes round ice cubes.  I decided to use it to make polka dot jello which was different colors of jello balls in clear jello, which was made from knox gelatin and white grape juice.  I made that a few times then I decided making confetti jello using the jello beans tray would be awesome, but sadly I had lost my jello beans mold.  Thankfully I was able to find one at Goodwill, actually I found 2!  

Only $0.99!
Then I went to the store and bought a bunch of different flavors of jello.
Not as many colors of jello as you'd think...

Next I made the jello beans. 
Oooohhh, pretty! 

Then I decided which flavors to use.  Some of the colors are very similar.  

Cherry, Raspberry & Cranberry, can you tell the difference?
I didn't get strawberry this time, but it is a very similar color...

Orange & Peach, also similar.
I honestly don't remember which red flavors I used.  I think I left the cherry out because there was a chance my sister who hates cherry jello would have some.  I used both orange flavors.  And I realized I had enough to make two different confetti jellos!

Next I made the clear jello for it to go in.
Tastes good, I promise!

When I made the polka dot jello I let the clear jello start to set up then added the colored balls, that seemed problematic with the smaller and more numerous pieces of "confetti".  

Here is what it looks like when it's in the bowl and set up.  
Cloudy side view of bowl.

Blurry view from the top.
This is once it was carefully taken out of the bowl.  
Even with running it under warm water it was difficult to remove!
Done.  Colors don't show well though.
Sides don't look super pretty, but check out the colors!

And here are the pretty, pretty slices with all the pretty colors!

Look at those colors!!!
So pretty! Ok the edges could be more smooth, but whatever...

In case you are wondering all the flavors went well together.

It was Easter time and I have an egg mold so I made a few Easter eggs with jelly beans in it!

So cute!

The End!