Friday, November 18, 2011

Exciting ones won!

Ok it's done now! Yeah!
Going to bed a tiny bit late, but I really wanted to get it done!

In progress, some of them have been sewn on.

Another progress pic to show I pinned it. That helped, but ties are still annoying...

All done! Look I added the grommet things, much easier than
I had feared, but not as easy as I had hoped.

Now, if you are my mom.

You are probably thinking

Oh, how interesting!

While calling for V or one of the girls.

Possibly even Peter.

You just need someone to give you a clue of what the heck I made.

Cuz you really really really want to leave a comment.

But you want it to be relevant.


To spare my sister, nieces and favorite brother-in-law from torture

Here is a pic to help you out.

It's not a corset per se, but it is based on that.

And it was made for someone smaller than myself.

Preferably someone who doesn't have ribs, they get in the way.

The smaller size was on purpose.

The ribs issue not so much.

But I'm confident Tami, Brooke, or some other skinny person can pull it off!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

which one?

Let me know which one you like better. The difference is the top & bottom ties. Please no other suggestions or silly questions about what it is or anything like that. It is art in progress & if I can't decide on which ties for top & bottom it isn't ever going to be anything. And if you don't like either, that is fine too. So either say the plain ones, print ones, or neither. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tue Nov 8th

I made a skirt! No pattern. Just has a draw string waist. Not perfect, but I like it ok....

Pile of fabric from the thrift shop cost like 10cents

Front of the skirt with my shirt I got at the same thrift shop for 30 cents earlier today

Back of the skirt - it has a slit. Fancy.

I am wearing a lightweight skirt/slip under it as it is a knit fabric with holes in it. Intentional decorative holes, but holes none the less... And no the back seam it not completely straight. Fabric moves, it's quite annoying.

A bit Sun Nov 7th & Mon Nov 8th

Big mess of ties, fabric & sewing machine when I started.

With scriptures in it

Inside outside

You think it's hard to see this in the table? Just imagine what a puzzle will be like!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday Nov 6th

Changing it up a bit.

This is now going to be primarily a photo blog. I have figured out how to transfer pics easily from my camera to my computer and most of what I do is hard to explain anyway. Besides a picture is worth a 1000 words.