Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am done now. Well with the formal assignment.

While no date range was listed/required I am done now. I completed 50 days, the assignment is due in a week and I will be at school or travelling all but 2 days until it is due. I am still going to try to work on this BUT it won't be a priority and I am thinking about changing the format and requirements. I will post the new rules once I figure them out.

Day 50 Monday Mar 7th

Went out to dinner with a friend from school. It was fun.

Day 49 Sunday Mar 6th

Danced/played with my nephew.

Day 48 Saturday Mar 5th

Picked out stained glass for future baby projects at a stained glass store.

Day 47 Friday Mar 4th

Played with my Nephew.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 46 Thursday Mar 3rd

Packed to go to WA. Starting to get crazy from all the snow so getting ready to leave was fun. Was also outside for a bit.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 45 Wednesday Mar 2nd

Was gone from 7am - 8pm. Only "fun" thing I did was try on some clothes someone gave us that they were giving away.

Day 44 Tuesday Mar 1st

Ground glass & Soldered my sg baby, done with it now. Took about 2 hours. Need better supplies like I had at work...

Day 43 Monday Feb 28th

Cut glass for my sg baby, wish I had a ring saw.

Day 42 Sunday Feb 27th

Colored a picture of fish in class at church.

Day 41 Saturday Feb 26th

Made a fun dinner for grandma and I. It was very creative & cute.

Day 40 Friday Feb 25th

Busy, exercised instead of doing art.