Sunday, August 4, 2013

Confetti Jello from March

Years ago I found an ice cube tray (well at least I think it's an ice cube tray) that makes round ice cubes.  I decided to use it to make polka dot jello which was different colors of jello balls in clear jello, which was made from knox gelatin and white grape juice.  I made that a few times then I decided making confetti jello using the jello beans tray would be awesome, but sadly I had lost my jello beans mold.  Thankfully I was able to find one at Goodwill, actually I found 2!  

Only $0.99!
Then I went to the store and bought a bunch of different flavors of jello.
Not as many colors of jello as you'd think...

Next I made the jello beans. 
Oooohhh, pretty! 

Then I decided which flavors to use.  Some of the colors are very similar.  

Cherry, Raspberry & Cranberry, can you tell the difference?
I didn't get strawberry this time, but it is a very similar color...

Orange & Peach, also similar.
I honestly don't remember which red flavors I used.  I think I left the cherry out because there was a chance my sister who hates cherry jello would have some.  I used both orange flavors.  And I realized I had enough to make two different confetti jellos!

Next I made the clear jello for it to go in.
Tastes good, I promise!

When I made the polka dot jello I let the clear jello start to set up then added the colored balls, that seemed problematic with the smaller and more numerous pieces of "confetti".  

Here is what it looks like when it's in the bowl and set up.  
Cloudy side view of bowl.

Blurry view from the top.
This is once it was carefully taken out of the bowl.  
Even with running it under warm water it was difficult to remove!
Done.  Colors don't show well though.
Sides don't look super pretty, but check out the colors!

And here are the pretty, pretty slices with all the pretty colors!

Look at those colors!!!
So pretty! Ok the edges could be more smooth, but whatever...

In case you are wondering all the flavors went well together.

It was Easter time and I have an egg mold so I made a few Easter eggs with jelly beans in it!

So cute!

The End!

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